According to the 5-second rule for website visits, visitors keep eyes on a website only for the first five seconds. To attract visitors in the crucial five seconds, web design is an essential element for a site to explain its value and keep visitors hanging around before they hit the “back” button. As an experienced digital solutions consultancy, we provide 4 key services in terms of the website and mobile app design:


User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are vital for optimizing users’ experience through different strategies, including user experience research, scenario analysis, wireframe & prototype, and interaction design. To further improve the UI and UX design, our designers make use of A/B testing to replace bad design decisions with those that are more profitable. 

User Interface (UI) is a specialization of web design that works on the presentation of your content and the commonly-used controls to interact with a medium, such as a website or mobile app, including button displays and gesture controls. Good user interface prominence is an equally important aspect in adding value to anyone’s business in making a better website. Our designer will focus on how the product will look and how it will interact with users, every screen, buttons, pages and visual elements that are able to stimulate your customers to actively interact with you will be thoroughly considered.

User Experience (UX) is another type of specialization of web design, it deals with user’s behavior and emotions while staying in a website or mobile app. UX design includes many other areas, but perceive them from the perspective of the user.

It can be regarded as a procedure of improving the overall user experience by maximizing their satisfaction when interacting with the mobile app or website to accomplish its objective. We always stand in the point of view of the users and design the basic skeleton of the website or app. We create wireframes, structure the components and elements to provide them with innovative solutions to create the best fit user flow regarding their business characteristics.

In many of our award-winning projects, we make good use of right graphical presentations to help our client attain more benefits in web designing. To be ahead of any other competitors, it is important to make the website UIUX with high usability and accessibility to the information that your users want at the right time.

Responsive design

In the digital era, mobile devices dominate the market which brings up the urgency in adopting the responsive design concept. Responsive web design enables a web page to respond to different devices, it is one of the graphic user interface (GUI) design approaches used to create content that can automatically adapt to the browser space to ensure content consistency across devices screen size.

With the popularization of mobile devices, websites are required to display on various devices regardless of the screen size. We will customize a consistent responsive website for your company across every device which leads to the growth of the number of mobile users. Responsive design is commonplace in the market as it contributes not only to web design but also SEO by presenting the content in a reader-friendly format. It is especially useful for mobile users. Responsive web design algorithms will define the optimal format to show its content and enhance customer experience by removing the hassle of manually adjusting the content to fit in a particular screen size.

Industry research

Similar to the traditional business, industry research is essential for your company to carry out a digital business plan. Industry research allows you to get notified of the growth, trends, key players and competitors in your industry. Having a deep knowledge of how your industry works, you can make the right business decisions and develop effective strategies for growth.

Apart from coding knowledge, designing and implementing a successful, revenue-generating website involves a lot more. Coding is unquestionably the most important basis of website design, before coding, industry research has to be conducted to comprise some of the periphery functions. Literally, the industry research is not recognised as one of the design procedures, yet, it enables online businesses to align its company objectives with customer needs and make up a smooth and seamless customer experience. 

In this ever-changing market, only with more traffic than competitors do not allow you to stand out from the crowd, website design elements with high recall value allow you to beat the market competition. Research may be one of the successful keys to create a top-of-the-line web design. Our web design team consolidates efforts to obtain as much information as we can since it is an important part of our website design strategy and even for your digital business strategy. Before investing time, capital, software and human effort in design, we will conduct proper market research such as focus groups or questionnaires. In industry research, various website design aspects will be covered to enable a complete website layout blueprint. For instance, social media coverage, data statistics etc. that can assist to maximize insights into an informative direction about website design.

User-centric Design Approach (UCD)

The User-Centric Design Approach (UCD) is relevantly required in modern app or web design development. User-centered design (UCD) highlights the consideration of users’ needs in each phase of the design process. Our web design team emphasizes users’ opinions during the web or app development. Instead of passively adapting to the app or web design, users are given an active role throughout the design process to attain high useability and accessibility of the product. As an experienced digital solutions consultancy, we obtain users’ feedback and develop the best solution by focus groups and questionnaires.

Clients usually stress on the design effectiveness, while end users emphasize the simplicity and efficiency. Resolving the dilemma between effectiveness and efficiency is essential since it forms the blueprint of the app or web design. In order to collect insightful information, we would conduct focus groups to allow stakeholders to share their detailed thoughts, and further integrate into a well-established UCD plan..

First and foremost, before the kick-off of any design projects, a designated customer journey should be well-mapped with clients’ opinions, how will the customers interact with the web or app, what you prefer your customer to obtain and how. This may also involve interstitials and pop-up adverts.

We encourage free flow of creativity to come up with an app or web design proposal which integrates both client’s requirement and budget constraint, and invites our clients to co-create the web design with us to achieve the utmost satisfaction. During the brainstorming section, we will actively seek client’s feedback by exchanging opinions and recommendations to come up with user-centric and innovative app or web design ideas to outrank its competitors.