App development

Smartphones are one of the most common mobile communication devices, and mobile apps can be a powerful tool to promote your company’s products/services and brand. As a professional team, we can provide a complete mobile application development program, with advanced technology, experience and market sense to offer you a unique mobile application.

We have developed a number of mobile apps for different industries such as F&B, financial institutions and NGO etc. Combining various development methods to meet Android and IOS functions and cross-platform requirements at once, as well as maintaining stability and compatibility, professional experience is extremely important in the development of mobile apps.

App Clip

What is App Clip? 

App clips is a great way for users to quickly access and experience what your app has to offer. It is a small part of your app that’s discoverable at the moment it’s needed. 

App Clips is a lightweight app function released by Apple and only available on IOS devices. App Clips provided a convenient way for app owners to create a seamless customer experience and boost app usage and download rate. Our professional mobile developers will customize an iPhone’s NFC sensor tag or a  QR Code barcode to trigger a function card from your app and open a function page immediately with just one click. 

What App Clips can do for your business?

The advantage of App Clips is that it allows users to save downloading the complete App and can enjoy some of the functions. It is also hailed by most users. Finally, they can use mobile payment services without downloading another App.

Moreover, as the running speed has to be secured, the App Clips size must be less than 10MB. Users will experience a speedy and smooth app essence and create a positive impression on the app. 

There are already a bundle of countries and businesses adopting the App Clips function. It is proven that App Clips can successfully enhance the app download rate and finally conversion rate. A few successful business cases such as bicycle rental services, food ordering services in F&B industry etc. proved that App Clips can effectively enhance business performance. 

App Design

Mobile applications (mobile apps) are an indispensable element in our smart city life. Smart phones such as iPhone or Android can easily connect to the Internet, bringing many opportunities for the company. The number of users who use mobile phones to access the Internet has greatly exceeded that of PC users. People rely on mobile phones in their daily lives, and there are a large number of potential consumers on mobile terminals. With our design and mobile app technology specialist, we can help you develop a good mobile app which can earn more benefits for the business.

Whether it is the CRM membership app, staff internal app, e-Shop app, and Booking App etc., we can tailor-made your own app to reduce your daily operation cost, increase revenue sources, and strengthen connections with customers.

For example, with mobile app, geo-targeting marketing can be carried out effectively and easier to reach your target audience to maximize your conversion.

It works when customers cannot recall the bulk promotion message / promotion expired at the time they go shopping. With our advanced mobile app functions, a push reminder of the promotions can be prompted out at the right time to stimulate their buying intention.

App Security / App Guard

Mobile Security is getting more attention in the fast-changing digital era. 25% of mobile apps contain at least one high-risk security vulnerability. 59% of finance app on Android had three OWASP Mobile top 10 risks. Security flaws must be eliminated at all times to safeguard your customers. 

A perfectly secure mobile app is essential in customer acquisition and retention. Any scandal regarding security loopholes in yoru mobile app can bring harmful PR problems and potential business downturn.

As an experienced digital agency, we understand the security concern of companies, especially we have developed a number of award-winning mobile app for financial institutions. To fully protect client’s apps, our mobile developers will wrap the mobile app with a mobile security solution – appGuard.

What is App Guard?

AppGuard can prevent your mobile app from exposing to all known and unknown attacks with the most comprehensive protection to transform your mobile app to become a difficult target of hackers. For multinational enterprise and public services providers, quick, long-lasting and comprehensive protection is essential. AppGuard can deliver the fastest protection with the best compatibility and high-security level without modifying the source code.

Since companies now store a large amount of citizen’s personal data such as HKID, personal address, bank account etc., especially auto-payment, mobile payment etc. becomes the major trend of payment settlement in this fast-moving society. If the bank account number or mobile data is being exposed to attackers, the consequence could be huge and damaging to both the organization as well as the citizens. 

AppGuard works for both large and small corporate businesses as well as individual consumers to prevent all known and unknown attacks. Viruses, fileless malware, botnets, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, targeted attacks, in-memory attacks, ransomware, phishing, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, and other advanced threats. It doesn’t rely on scanning known signatures or patterns to identify good from bad files. AppGuard’s lightweight agent sits low at the kernel level and blocks unacceptable actions like code injection or registry override at the process level.

What benefits does appGuard bring?

  1. No Source Code Modification 
  • Apply appGuard directly without SDK
  • Prevent SDK compatible problem & logic error
  • Prevent SDK need time to locate problem
  1. Fastest Protection 
  • direct fix and update definition
  • user-friendly interface for most rapid protection method
  • Cloud service that allow update definition anytime
  1. Best Compatibility
  • Compatible to major development languages
  • Keeping App size at lightweight
  • Guarantee best compatibility and compatible with most mobile devices
  • Will not affect app function
  1. High Level of Security 
  • No APP have been cracked or hacked after installing appGuard
  • Passed all test and audit of industry standard
  1. Many Success Customers
  • More than 20millions end-users used appGuard protected App