Nowadays, eCommerce is a new trend in many industries. As an experienced eCommerce agency in Hong Kong, ESDlife Digital Solutions provides professional services in various aspects to enhance your online business performance. They include:

ECommerce Development – eStore

E-stores have shaped a new way of doing business and created a new trend in the market. Companies nowadays aggressively seek eCommerce solutions in Hong Kong to empower their businesses. With the increasing amount of revenue and the global trend, many companies have started to shift their business focus from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores. Our professional development team will customize the best plan for you and offer extensive solutions to your businesses.

The world emphasizes customization, business owners want to sell customized products, customers want to enjoy customized services. When working on the eCommerce platform, we take into account this crucial factor to help you stand out from the crowd.

We have served different industries in Hong Kong, including retail, financial sector, professional service, etc. We understand your needs. Customer loyalty and engagement, conversion rate, brand awareness etc. are all crucial factors to determine the success of your business. As an experienced eCommerce agency in Hong Kong, we will take care of all the aspects and work out a perfect development plan that fits your business nature. 

We always alert on the market development and keep your eCommerce platform ahead of your competitors and find the right mix to provide you with the ability to differentiate. 

ECommerce Solutions – APPLE PAY / GOOGLE PAY

Payment method is always the biggest concern for customers. A convenient and trust-worthy mobile payment method is critical for boosting sales of your eCommerce platform. Our professional programmer team makes Apple Pay/ Google Pay available for eCommerce websites. With the use of Apple Pay/ Google Pay, customers can buy with a single touch on their smartphone.

Why is having Apple Pay or Google Pay essential for your eCommerce platform? 

Technology is restructuring the money flow in the market. The attraction of both Apple Pay or Google Pay is the convenience of already storing the credit card details on your device. Your customers get used to spend money on their mobile devices. Apart from this payment habit, customers are spending more dollars when they can act impulsively and with a low level of friction. It would be a hint for businesses to incorporate Apple Pay or Google Pay for their eCommerce websites to create a seamless checkout flow, encouraging spending and optimize your website conversion.

Apple Pay and Google Pay also secure the payment and can in turn raise your credibility. As an eCommerce agency that works for a large variety of projects, mobile payments like Apple Pay are the most secure payment method out there. Since Apple Pay contains multiple layers of dynamic encryption and is also protected by Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint technology, etc. It safeguards both customers and retailers, creating a threat-free shopping environment by using this eCommerce solutions.

ECommerce Solutions – RECURRENT PAYMENT

Similar to Apple Pay / Google pay, recurrent payment is another type of payment that makes things convenient for customers who purchase products regularly on an online platform. Customers are charged automatically and regularly once they have subscribed to the billing plan and input the card information. You can set the billing interval, frequency, and deadline of the payment. It helps you to boost sales and predict the cash flow more easily.

Recurrent payment helps grow your business. Since manual action required in an eShopping flow will increase the drop out rate of your customers, automation exists to save time from allowing regular recurring payment. You may see many online eStores in Hong Kong require manual payment month by month or year by year. From now on, once you have signed up the powerful recurrent payment, it will do the rest for you. 

Not many eCommerce solutions will offer the service, the option to bill clients through automated recurring billing is too often reserved for the more complicated, expensive eCommerce software. 

However, in our vision, we aim to help you fulfilling your business goal. We will offer the most uptrend service for our customers, recurrent payment is definitely the trend and will help you optimize your revenue. Recurring billing will be included as a standard eCommerce solution, with no huge extra cost. This empowers your platform with flexibility in products and services. For instance, you can sell your products on a subscription-based billing model, or offer automatic shipping and billing of frequently purchased goods. With this brilliant billing advantage, you can provide a hassle-free checkout flow to customers by allowing automatic billing, which eventually transforms the customer loyalty.

ECommerce Solutions – Payment Tokenization

Customers’ information security is top of mind in e-commerce solutions. To cope with this issue, your e-commerce platform needs a token gateway to fight off threats from cyber-attacks. Payment tokenization is a data security strategy that replaces sensitive data with non-sensitive equivalents. Tokenization does not only reduce the risk for merchants, but it also minimizes the cost of your eCommerce platform and enhances the consumer experience.


The increasing concern on data security and privacy advocates the development of payment tokens in eCommerce. It is a unique string of numerical identifiers generated from a PAN. In a predefined domain or payment environment, payment tokens will be generated at real-time. With payment tokenization, the PAN will not be transmitted directly to safeguard the payment security

ECommerce Development – MCOMMERCE

When everyone is still focusing on eCommerce solely, we already expanded to mCommerce. Nowadays, desktop and laptop are no longer the top devices in people’s minds when they need to obtain information or as a leisure activity, smartphones become their primary choice.

mCommerce is the upcoming trend. As you may ever try to get things done on a mobile version eCommerce platform, you will find that not every of them can be properly presented in mobile format, and you will quickly switch to somewhere else which is empowered with mobile-friendly reading mode. When developing eStores, we spotted this market trend, providing the optimal mobile-friendly interface to capture all your potential buyers using mobile or tablet devices.

When putting together the platform elements, we stress mobile responsiveness. We will make sure it can be adjusted to fit different dimensions of various devices that people might use to access your eCommerce platforms. This prevents your valued customers from manually resizing your pages in the process of scrolling. Therefore, you can present the best customer experience to users across a multitude of devices.