Digital marketing, generally meaning to achieve marketing objectives through digital technology and use of multimedia. As a forward-thinking digital solutions consultancy, we understand the needs of businesses and will empower you with the optimal use of our digital solutions for marketing purposes.

In the fast-growing digital era, digital marketing has replaced the offline events, promotions and activities. With advanced technologies, marketing takes place in the digital world to save cost and promote efficiency. In order to help you stand out in the sea of sameness, we customized digital marketing strategies for your websites or app to push your marketing returns.

Lucky draw

Lucky draw is one of the prevalent digital marketing strategies. It is a seamless, swift and effective method to create awareness and customer engagement, which ultimately gathers leads that have a high chance of a conversion. We help to plan and develop custom-made lucky draw campaigns for your company to attain the maximum efficiency.

Strengthening the bonding between the audience and the company, digital lucky draws add the excitement and engagement of winning prizes during the customer journey to stimulate their expectations on your digital platform such as a website or app. Our developers will also add customized elements in the lucky draw to remind the users of what brand it is and who they are interacting with. We will make the interaction more lively to compensate for the drawbacks of lacking human feedback. 

E-coupon/ E-stamp

Existing customers are valuable for digital businesses. We build an online system for our clients to arrange ecoupons / estamps to retain customers. It encourages return customers and builds brand loyalty.

Estamp / ecoupons give customers an illusion that their purchase brings them extra value, it provides your customers with bonus happiness apart from your products or services. 

Our developers customize the estamp / ecoupons distributing system to your businesses with different rules and logic for our client’s use to launch their marketing campaign for different target segments. Our system is also compatible with multiple digital marketing campaigns and allows businesses to create various digital marketing events or activities to engage with multiple customer segments.

Apart from customer engagement, ecoupons can also be used to entice customers to make final purchases or time-limited offers. Almost 50% of buyers are willing to spend time submitting orders if they get the right ecoupons.

At a time when thousands of players are graving for the market share in eCommerce —effective couponing can spark consumer interest and give online retailers a much-needed competitive edge. 

The world has come to the eCommerce evolutions, thousands of digital businesses craving for the market share in the digital world. Effective couponing can draw customer’s interest and give your business an opportunity to outrank.

Our eCoupon marketing system provides you with effortless marketing tools to maximize your business outcomes along the way and help you shape an effective strategy for your business future. 


Geo-fencing is a feature that works with the global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define geographical boundaries.  You, as an administrator, can establish a virtual boundary around a specified location. Users will receive a notification when they enter or exit the boundaries. This technology is commonly used in the retail and hospitality industries to promote sales and discounts in their stores. The technology has been a powerful way to reach consumers in the best moment in the right locations.

Geo fencing can be useful in instant location-based advertising, beyond just use for marketing at the particular moment. In marketing aspects, it can help to identify addressable potential customers and build relationships over time, retargeting marketing will also be achieved using geo fencing.

We understand that different customers carry different values to your businesses. Targeting the right people at the right time is essential for a business growth and revenue achievement. Beyond just target the devices when they enter or exit a geo fence, our developers do more than that. On top of geo fencing function, we also adopt customized functions to optimize the targeting marketing efforts. With personalized push messages, customers can receive the right message and promotion at the right moment, maybe a personalized offer, a friendly purchase reminder etc. to tighten the bonding between them and your brand. 

We understand the business concern on inaccuracy and effectiveness. We will conduct many times of testing before handing over the products to you to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of predefined digital marketing objectives.