A Chatbot solves the queries of the customers 24/7 and serves functions that are frequently requested by customers. CS can then focus on handling complicated and profitable pre-sales requests, resulting in a better effort utilization.

Chatbots have begun to rise in popularity in recent years. Our chatbot makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) and uses computer programs to simulate real people to talk to users, generating a standardized response to solve the big and small problems throughout the customer journey.

Our chatbot service has been widely adopted by our clients, including Frequently asked questions (FAQ), loan calculator, bonus point enquiries, ATM/branch locator, promotions and AAVS application. The use of our chatbots not only save human resources, but also customize services according to the needs of contacts, and increase the reach. Together with our CRM platform and big data analysis, you can understand more about your customers and their experience on your platform.

Our chatbot supports dynamic functions:

  • Omni-Languages: Support Mixed languages & Multiple languages 
  • Dialog flow: Dialog flow with options to guide user to get the answers quickly
  • Multiple platforms: Support Social Media, websites or mobile apps
  • Multimedia: Best cater text, hyperlink, image, video format  
  • Livechat: Customer representatives can jump in to the conversation anytime to assist using Backend System
  • Smart Display Rules: Enable business to tell MobileMonkey what pages on your site you want a certain website chatbot to display


Our chatbot can be integrated with your system to provide a live chat service, enabling the company’s sales and service teams to use small windows on the website to “chat” with website visitors in real time. With the integration with our customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can further optimize relationships with your customers and potential customers.

Since live chat allows company representatives and website visitors to complete other tasks during the conversation, it is essential for most of our clients, including retail e-commerce, consumer services etc., 

Live chat brings benefits to the following roles:

Customer Service: Your service representatives can quickly answer questions and participate in other tasks at the same time. Through chatbot and FAQs, simple and easy to answer questions have been screened out and only difficult questions are left for representatives to save time.

Salesperson: Live chat provides an easy way for potential customers to contact companies to learn about their products and services. Sales representatives can answer initial questions easily and quickly, which may enable potential customers to determine whether they are appropriate.