Data Visualization

Data Visualization is one of the aspects in business intelligence (BI). It refers to the use of graphical tools (such as various statistical charts, three-dimensional models, etc.) to extract useful information from a huge and complex database, making it easy to read and understand information. Data visualization is essential in your business strategic planning by consolidating all data and providing insight on one go. 

The use of data visualization—the graphical and numeric depiction of the data and data aggregates, such as numbers, tables, and charts—is key to conveying information quickly, effectively, and intuitively. In other words, data visualization turns regular data into information, facilitating your business insight generation and planning.

Once your data warehouse contains all the data that’s required for your business operations and management to do their jobs effectively, our reporting tool generate insights for your business to make the data useful. Different from the old-fashioned reports in paper format, you will receive your consolidated business insights in dynamic forms such as dashboards, charts, map, date sliders etc. in a well-structured dashboard.

Dashboard: a single page of key metrics represented by tables, charts, gauges, colors, and numbers, and arranged and consolidated in such a way that the consumer can identify and focus on areas requiring immediate attention or more investigation. 

Our reporting tools enable flexibility and simplicity. You may view the business insights between a certain date range, within a specific location or region, or by sales rep. with a simple click instead of opening various reports.