YO PLACE Website

YO PLACE Informative and Member Recruitment Website

Layout Design with Balance Visual Weight

An informative website requires high standard of visually appealing to engage visitor. YO PALCE website using fruitful colours and guiding elements to tell the story of the brand as well as implant an energetic image which matching the brand message. The balance between size, color and shape of YO PLACE website manipulate visual weight which help emphasis call-to-action button.

Seamless Event Registration

To cater the event diversity and complex registration requirements, simplicity event card design makes core information stand out from the crowd. Together with the member profile integration which drive effortless registration to bring superior experience to YO PLACE members!


Eye-Catching Website

Catch visitor eyeballs with massive headline that easy to grasp the important message


Appealing Card design

Stand out of the key information and action button with designed information arrangement

Chatbot to increase intimacy with Visitor

To avoid information overwhelming, an affable assistant definitely help! A chatbot to ensure fast reaction to visitor inquiries and drive conversion and boost satisfaction of the website. A channel for analytic of valuable insights for your future business strategy from the questions.

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