We are thrilled to have collaborated with Starbucks for the Starbucks 100,000 Cups Coffee Giveaway, a unique initiative held in conjunction with “The Happy Hong Kong Shopping Festival” organized by the Hong Kong Retail Management Association. This campaign was designed to boost post-pandemic retail recovery, as the technical partner, we were honored to contribute our expertise in delivering a seamless user experience and technical integration.  


Clear and Structured Front-End Design: 

Our team implemented a responsive and mobile-friendly front-end design to ensure a seamless user experience across different devices and screen sizes. Employing intuitive UI components and interactive elements, such as dropdown menus, real-time form validation, and a progress bar enhances user engagement and simplifies the registration process, minimizing the time required to complete the registration form.

Efficient Traffic Management:  

Utilizing auto-scaling capabilities ensures the website can handle sudden traffic surges without compromising performance. To handle significant spikes in website traffic, the website incorporates a quota configuration logic that effectively regulates the flow of visitors. This ensures a smooth user experience even during peak times. 

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Clear & Structured Front-End Design
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Efficient Traffic Management
Effortless Membership Signup & Seamless Technical Integration:

Upon registration, customers can simultaneously sign up as members, eliminating the need for a separate sign-up process. Utilizing API frameworks facilitate seamless integration between the website and Starbucks’ CRM system. This enables real-time data synchronization and ensures that customer information is accurately captured and stored in the CRM system for more personalized and precise touch points in the future.  

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Streamlined Registration & Membership Signup
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Remarkable Engagement

The frictionless experience we provided resulted in remarkable levels of participation, customer acquisition, and engagement. By leveraging our technical strengths, we not only delighted customers but also played a pivotal role in advancing the goals of our esteemed brand partner. 

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