Revamping Digital Banking through Design Thinking

In the digital era, consumers have a stronger demand in using websites and mobile applications to perform their routine banking transactions and financial planning. Refining the website and mobile app to be convenient, seamless and multifunctional is crucial to generate a positive customer experience and drive brand loyalty.

To integrate business values into all aspects of consumers’ needs for a transformative banking experience and better customer flow, we help Shanghai Commercial Bank to re-engineer user interface by creative design thinking and revamp current website.

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Transform user experience in online banking

User research
Stage 1: User research

In-depth understanding of target users, needs and mentality

Concept transformation
Stage 2: Concept Transformation

Redesign user experience flow with Design Thinking Strategy

Exquisite design
Stage 3: Exquisite Design

Create a clear UI/UX interface for easy navigation

Technology implementation
Stage 4: Technology Implementation

Develop technical backend to support system infrastructure

Online Banking Features

Account overview
Account Overview

Account summary and activities in interactive infographics

Investment insights
 Investment Insights

Portfolio analysis with personalized recommendations and alerts

Scheduled payment
Scheduled Payment

Scheduled payment on dashboard for easy edit

Credit card summary
Credit Card Summary

Quick overview of spending and important messages

Website revamp showcase

We revamped website for Shanghai Commercial Bank with user-friendly, customer focus and one-click quick access to enhance customers’ digital banking experience. With clear interface and responsive design, users can view account information, or even make a transaction anytime, anywhere.

Website revamp showcase
Website revamp showcase
Website revamp showcase
Website revamp showcase
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