Senior Citizen Home Safety Association Corporate Website

Whole New Brand Image Transformation

Reinforce the brand image with a brand new design of the corporate site with story-telling approach​. Touching stories of the beneficiaries with warm photos are emphasized to raise the empathy of target audience.

Wide Image

Promotes the sense of safety by using warm and round design elements throughout the website. Lift-up the public awareness and stimulate their desire in charity participation.

Always Willing to Give a Hand

Prominent action buttons and help center indicator to address public needs immediately. Aged end-users are easily to seek for assistance on products or services in order to deepen the helpful image to the client.


Dynamic Content Management System for flexible content and features support

What-you-see-what-you-get Content Management System which allow clients to create web pages and customized layouts flexibly to lower operation effort and cost.


Dynamic e-Form function to provide the high flexibilities for SCHSA to launch campaign promotions, registration forms, service payment links at fingertips. Allowing SCHSA to engage with customers in a cost-effective way.


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