OK Stamp IT (OK App) is released with a fresh look with user-centric features! The advanced 2.0 version is specially designed as a one-stop customer relationship management (CRM) system to bring a new level of convenience and simplicity to customers. The revolutionary features include e-gifting, eStamping, “Buy Online, Pick-up In Store” (BOPIS) and interactive member-get-member (MGM) functions.

The OK App provides a one-stop CRM mobile platform to deepen business-to-customer communication. When customers feel that the brand is trying hard to shorten the communication distance, they will be more engaged with the brand and that leads to the direct revenue increase. Moreover, the increased accessibility to products/services combined with reduced cost is the cherry on the cake in terms of customer engagement.

Simpler UI, Maximize Brand Awareness

Red and Circle are the foundation of the design of OK App, both elements are the signature of Circle K.  It enables customers to realize they are using an “OK app” at the first glance without being too on the nose.

ESD Circle-K OK Stamp IT 2.0

High Flexibility Visual-Oriented UX

A great proportion of banners and icons has been adopted in the OK App to deliver the utmost user experience. Visual emphasized design reduces the cognitive load of customers with higher understandability of the content transmitted. Easier information encoding, longer usage time in the app, higher chance to transform as loyal customers. Take into account that Circle K serves a large variety of shoppers, from the junior to the mature people. Flexibility is empowered in the OK App in resizing the visuals to facilitate a clear delivery of messages to every customer segment.

ESD Circle-K OK Stamp IT 2.0

One-Stop CRM system

OK App provides a one-stop CRM solution to ease the fast-growing and highly competitive market. The revamp incorporated more support in response to the global market situation.

ESDlife Digital Solutions OK Stamp IT 2.0 personalized QR code

Earn eStamp with Personalized QR Code

Collecting eStamp with a personalized member QR code with Circle K elements in the OK App to tighten the bonding between customers and the brand.

ESDlife Digital Solutions OK Stamp IT 2.0 eGift/eStamp sharing

O2O Synergy By Forward-Thinking BOPIS

Expand eStamp/eGift sharing from member to non-member using BOPIS strategy to create O2O synergy to drive traffic from purchase via OK App to the offline store.

ESDlife Digital Solutions OK Stamp IT 2.0 multi-campaigns

Segmentation Marketing By Just One Click

Launching multiple campaigns with different target audiences at the same time using the OK App to balance the share of every customer segment.

ESDlife Digital Solutions OK Stamp IT 2.0 banner A
ESDlife Digital Solutions OK Stamp IT 2.0 banner C
ESDlife Digital Solutions OK Stamp IT 2.0 banner B
ESDlife Digital Solutions Ok Stamp IT 2.0 Mockup 1

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