With severe duress from unprecedented challenges on the home front and a slowdown in the global economy, livelihood of local small business is most adversely affected. With the approach from Li Ka Shing Foundation(LKSF), DS joint hands with the Foundation on the donation application platform for the $1 Billion Donation on “Crunch Time Instant Relief Fund” (「應急錢」計劃) to provide urgent help to the SMEs.

DS is honored to take part in this important and meaningful project. Our team worked closely with the Founation to develop and design a user friendly and mobile optimized application website. To ensure interested parties can be benefited immediately from the program, DS has adopted the Agile Development Methodology, successfully launching the application website using just 2 weeks of time.

The system integrated with the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology provided by Google Cloud’s Vision API. The Machine Learning product helped applicants auto-filling out forms, making the filling process much more simple, secure and fast for everyone, even if they are non-tech savvy. Maximizing approval efficiency and data accuracy is another challenge, and our team overcome it by utilizing Government’s open API data and bank code list for verification.

Our advanced backend system also allowed LKSF administrators to manage the high volume of applications easily and efficiently.

The system is securely hosted at AWS cloud environment with various services relating to authentication, authorization, data encryption and protection adopted, including but not limited to CloudFront, Lambda, EC2, RDS, S3, CloudWatch, Amazon Cognito, VPN.

DS truly believes that the funding not only offers a helping hand to SMEs to ease certain financial pressure, but we will also get through these tough times together with everyone in Hong Kong.

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Simplified Application Process

Users can complete their application in 3 to 5 steps, depending on the Industry they are in

Auto-Fill Forms in aid of Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Integrated Google API for the adoption of OCR, DS helps applicants auto filling information after uploading required documents.

Clear, Eye-catching and Intuitive Design

Adopting Flat Design, Sound White Space Design to deliver a tidy site and encourage more interaction from users.


Ensure smoothness and handiness when users submit their applications through multiple platforms

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