ESDlife DS Wins ETNet FinTech Award 2019

[Hong Kong — 6 March 2019]

Organized by ETNet, the FinTech Awards recognizes excellence and innovation in the use of IT in financial services. Without a doubt FinTech has an increasingly important role to play, ESDlife Digital Solutions team has successfully helped DBS Bank to develop the Omni App that allows customers to instantly get their hands on its credit cards via mobile phone in just a few minutes and won the “Outstanding Instant Approval Credit Card Application” of ETNet Fintech Award 2019. The App leverages FinTech innovation to simplify the credit card application and approval process, and the approved credit card will be seamlessly integrated into mobile wallets and ready to be used instantly. Artificial Intelligence Technology such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert images to editable text for faster application as well as biological detection of facial recognition for applicant verification is adopted.

ESDlife Digital Solutions The Standard Interview: Makes Your Life Easier with Fintech Innovation

[Hong Kong — 7 January 2019]

David Fung, E-Commerce & Product Development General Manager of ESDlife Digital Solutions was interviewed by The Standard and shared his insights on the current situation and future trends of Hong Kong FinTech market. David said ESDlife Digital Solutions always stays at the forefront of the technology with industry expertise to provide the best digital solutions by developing award-winning mobile apps for banks and financial institutions to help them stand out in the competitive market.

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ESDlife DS Becomes The Official Tech Partner of A.S. Watson Group

[Hong Kong — 7 November 2018]

ESDlife Digital Solutions is honored to be invited by A.S. Watson Group to join its annual ASW Tech Partners Summit as one of their 2019 Official Tech Partners. The event are gathered by many outstanding Tech partners that across the globe to share and exchange latest technology solutions. At the event, ESDlife DS team has showcased the new “PriceSmart” solution, an intelligence tool that helps marketers to acquire competitors’ real-time eCommerce data giving them insights to develop customized pricing strategy. Its significant features include (1) price intelligence which allows users to track and adjust marked price of products spontaneously and (2) anti-spy feature to prevent users’ eCommerce data theft.

ESDlife DS Wins Multiple Awards at MOB-Ex Awards 2018

[Hong Kong – 6 April 2018]

ESDlife Digital Solutions is honored to work closely with DBS Credit Cards for their Omni App and won a number of awards in the MOB-Ex Awards 2018 again, including the “Best App – Finance” Bronze Award, the “Best Customer Engagement App” Bronze Award and the “Best Use of Interactive Media” Gold Award. After implementing our solutions such as Augmented Reality Game as well as GPS detection in the DBS Omni App, the App has been well received by consumers and has successfully boosted customer engagement to the next level. These awards not only recognize our effort and achievement but also help our client to build strong relationship with their consumers, at the same time reinforce their leading status in the FinTech industry.

ESDlife DS Wins at Marketing Excellence Awards 2017

[Hong Kong — 9 November 2017]

ESDlife Digital Solutions won the Marketing Excellence Awards 2017 “Excellence in Customer Engagement” Sliver Award with DBS Credit Cards’ Engagement Campaign through Gamification and InstaRedeem. The team has successfully helped DBS Credit Card to boost customers’ engagement by introducing gamification into the current DBS Omni mobile app. The innovative InstaRedeem idea is well received by customers which allowing them to instantly redeem cash dollar any time and pay for any merchants. This award not only recognizes our effort and achievement but also reinforce our leading status in the industry.

ESDlife Digital Solutions Speaks and Shares Insights on Latest e-Commerce and Online Payment at KPMG

[Hong Kong – 3 June 2016]

Mr. David Fung, General Manager – E-Commerce & Digital Solutions of ESDlife, was invited to speak in a Digital Conference “Ultradream – Internet Ecosystem Week 2016” under the topic of “eCommerce and Online Payment” at KPMG, to share his insights and rich experiences in the e-commerce sector after working in the ESDlife Digital Solutions department. The conference aims to strengthen the adoption of latest online technology and foster a closer collaboration between commercial partners in the information technology industry.