Happy 20th anniversary to Esdlife!

2021 marks the 20th birthday of Esdlife which is also the 10th birthday of DS. We would first like to thank all our talents who have contributed tremendous hard work in developing exceptional award winning projects for our valuable partners. DS will continue to put our best effort in leveraging technology and experience to provide strategic solution supporting the growth of our clients’ business.

Throughout the past 10 years, Esdlife Digital Solution team has showed consistent effort in developing innovative mobile, web and CRM solutions for business across different industries with cutting edge technology and professionalism.  We are excited to make 2021 remarkable and inspiring and look forward to bringing more diversified services to our partners including but not limited to SEO consultation and other customized projects!

Stay tuned!

ESD DS AWS Summit Online Hong Kong 2020

[Hong Kong — 10 July 2020]

To sustain our market-leading position, ESDlife DS joined the AWS Summit Online Hong Kong 2020, which covered the trend and usage of cloud computing. In the summit, AWS representatives, as well as various industry leaders shared their experiences and insights with our ESD DSers. We will keep on equipping ourselves with the latest knowledge to bring more value-added innovation to our clients.

Sharing Joy and Warmth in ESDlife DS BBQ Night!

BBQ season is coming! It’s a great time for ESDlife DS to get together and enjoy the moment! During the BBQ night, we share the food, chat with buddies and appreciate the environment. After finishing the meal, we have a surprise Lucky Draw section for our ESD DSers. Can you guess what they got at the end?!

ESDlife DS”Show Me Your Love” Cake Baking

Excitement is desperately needed to cheer up ourselves in the middle of the year. Therefore, ESDlife DS team plan a “Show Me Your Love” activity, i.e. to bake a cake of supports for teammates! Most of us are first-time bakers, we try our best to make a mouth-watering cake to provide some bittersweet for our acquaintance to fight off the hot and humidness of summer.

ESDlife Digital Solutions x Machine Learning & AI Seminar

[Hong Kong – 07 April 2017]

ESDlife DSers learn and grow together. In the ever-changing digital era, we are never too old to learn. As a market leader, ESD DS team has to keep ourselves ahead of the market trend, therefore, seminars are organized regularly for us to equip with the latest market news. Today, we invited speakers with rich experience in machine learning and AI to share his insights and exchange opinions with our team.

ESDlife DS Accomplishes Oxfam Trailwalker 2016, Again!

[Hong Kong – 20 November 2016]

Our enlisted ESDlife DSers has successfully finished The Oxfam Trailwalker 100km trail in 41 hours this year! The ESD team slogged up and down the hills, trekked through the ridgelines and walked almost non-stop days and nights to complete the endurance race, thus demonstrated the highest level of motivation and determination to complete the challenge. Moreover, the ESD team could not complete the race without our supporting crew by providing refreshments and hot dishes to them during their hike up in cold weather, as well as endless encouragement throughout their journey.